Kallner, Moshe

Birth Name Kallner, Moshe [1] [2a]
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth     Moshe Kallner came from New York

Boat August 4, 1947 גאולה SS Paducah Geula SS Paducah Geulah גאולה sailed from Bayonne to Varna Варна

Event Note

Benny Kubersh served as Gidoni גדעוני, wireless radio operator. aboard SS Paducah Geulah גאולה.

Event Note

Syd Abrams served as Seaman and Purser aboard SS Paducah Geulah גאולה.

Event Note

Walter 'Heavy' Greaves served as Seaman aboard SS Paducah Geulah גאולה.
He was released from Akko Prison, and went back to New York, looking for another refugee ship to join.
He met members of a Haganah cell at a synagogue in the Bronx, preparing a boat called the SS Paducah.
Walter 'Heavy' Greaves cites: "the Geula organizers at first hesitated to accept him because of his ties to the Irgun-affiliated S.S. Ben Hecht", but he was able to win them over.

Event Note

Moshe Kallner served as Messman aboard SS Paducah Geulah גאולה.


Source References

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