Benjamin, Ernest Frank

Birth Name Benjamin, Ernest Frank
Birth Name בנימין, לוי
Call Name Ernest
Gender male
Age at Death 69 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1900 Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

Education   Royal Military Academy RMA, Woolwich, London borough of Greenwich, Greater London, England, United Kingdom  

Education   Staff College, Camberley, Surrey, England, United Kingdom  

Military Service   British Army, Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence MoD Ernest Benjamin was commissioned in 1919 and served in Turkey, Malaya, and Madagascar

Military Service 1941 Corps of Royal Engineers, British Army, Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence MoD  

Event Note

Ernest Benjamin was commissioned served with the Corps of Royal Engineers during 1941-1942.
In 1943, he was transferred as a General Staff Officer 1 to the Middle East Command.
Until 1944, he served as Assistant Quartermaster-General, until he was appointed Deputy Director of Military Training Middle East Command.

Military Service 1944 הבריגדה היהודית Jewish Brigade Ernest Benjamin was appointed Commanding Officer

Event Note

Ernest Benjamin commanded the Jewish Brigade Group in North Africa during its completion of formation and training.
From March 7 until the end of the war, hHe served with the British Eighth Army in the Faenza Area, Italy.
His last post with the Jewish Brigade Group was in north-west Europe as part of the VIII Corps of the British Army of the Rhine.

Death 1969    



Source References

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