Caldwell, Janet Miriam Holland Taylor

Birth Name Caldwell, Janet Miriam Holland Taylor
Call Name Taylor
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 11 months, 23 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 7, 1900 Manchester, North West England, United Kingdom  

Emigration 1907   Taylor Calwell left Enland for the United States, with her parents and younger brother

Military Service 1918   Taylor Caldwell served in the United States Navy Reserve

Marriage 1919   William F. Combs married Taylor Cauldwell

Divorce 1931   William F. Combs and Taylor Caldwell divorced

Graduation 1931 University at Buffalo UB, The State University of New York SUNY, Buffalo, New York, United States of New York  

Marriage 1932   Marcus Reback married Taylor Caldwell

Membership 1946 American League for Free Palestine ALEF also see Bergson Group  

Event Note

Taylor Caldwell was an outspoken conservative, and for a time she wrote for the John Birch Society's monthly journal American Opinion, and associated with the anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby.

Marriage 1972   William Everett Stancell married Taylor Caldwell

Divorce 1973   William Everett Stancell and Taylor Caldwell divorced

Marriage 1978   William Robert Prestie married Taylor Caldwell

Death August 30, 1985    



    1. Caldwell, Janet Miriam Holland Taylor