Jutta-Horwitz, Celia 'Cilly'

Birth Name Jutta-Horwitz, Celia 'Cilly'
Married Name Lee, Celia Jane
Call Name 'Cilly'
Call Name Celia
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1926 Hamburg, Deutschland  

Event Note

Cilly Jutta-Horwitz’s father was Jewish. therefore, he was restricted by Nazi laws from most kinds of employment.
Her parents divorced, so that her mother, not considered Jewish, could get work because she was.
She and her older brother, Max, were sent to live in separate orphanages.



Transport December, 1938 Kindertransport Children’s Transport Cilly Jutta-Horwitz, and her brother, Max, arrived in England

Event Note

Cilly Jutta-Horwitz lived in London until she was evacuated to Norfolk after the outbreak of World War II.

Event Note

Cilly Jutta-Horwitz last heard from her father in 1941.
After the war she found out he had been transported to Minsk and murdered.
Her mother survived, and Celia (Cilly) visited her often in Germany.

Marriage     Ken Lee married Celia 'Cilly' Jutta-Hoewitz



    1. Jutta-Horwitz, Celia 'Cilly'