, Leah

Birth Name Leah
Married Name Glasberg, Leah
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Mendel Glasberg married Leah

Transport November, 1941 Бершадь Berșad, Бершадський район, Вінницька область, Україна  

Event Note

In November, 1941 Ruth Glasberg, age 11 years, along with her family, and 2,000 other Jews were rounded up by Romanian gendarmes, herded towards the train station, and loaded, 50 to 80 per car, into cattle cars.
Ruth Glasberg Gold cites: "During the next four days of this horrifying journey, some deportees died of suffocation, hunger and thirst. On the fourth day the train stopped and soldiers unbolted the doors. Starving, exhausted and filthy we could barely walk. We were ordered to form a column and were led on a death march through the vast, muddy fields of Transnistria. We were forced to walk about 25 KM a day, and only at night would our escorts allow us to rest, usually in abandoned barns that we shared with corpses of those who were unable to continue. The Romanian soldiers deliberately took us on detours for 2 long weeks to exhaust and further demoralize us. The old, the infirm and children, who could not keep pace, were left along the roadside."

Camp   Бершадь Berșad, Бершадський район, Вінницька область, Україна Ruth Glasberg survived the Transnistria camps

Event Note

Ruth Glasberg Gold cites: "My family and I ended up in a camp called Bershad. It was one of the largest and most infamous camps in Transnistria. We found shelter in a small room of a partially demolished house with a dirt floor, without doors or windows. In Bershad there was no electricity, running water or even outhouses. We had to share this room with about 20 other deportees. There I became a helpless witness to the agonizing deaths of my roommates my family included. In three short weeks I lost my father, then my 18-year-old brother and finally my mother."

Death December, 1941 Бершадь Berșad, Бершадський район, Вінницька область, Україна Mendel Glasberg, his wife, Leah, and 18 year old son died within 3 weeks of arriving at the camp

Event Note

Ruth Glasberg Gold cites: "My mother was the last one to die, and her body was left there for two weeks, during which hungry dogs tore at her flesh. When the undertakers finally took the corpses away, they simply dropped them on the frozen grounds of the cemetery."



Married Husband Glasberg, Mendel
  1. Glasberg, Ruth bat Mendel

Source References

  1. Ruth’s Journey: A Survivor’s Memoir


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