Freier, Rach

Birth Name Freier, Rach
Call Name Recha
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Transport 1941 Jugend-Alijah Aliyat haNoar  

Event Note

In the summer of 1940, Recha Freier escaped from Germany to Yugoslavia, and arranged for 120 German children to be smuggled to Yugoslavia in a similar manner.
Sara Kadosh cites: "When Freier requested certificates for the youth, however, Szold informed her that certificates could be issued only to children who had left Germany before the outbreak of the war. Freier received ninety certificates for her group, but only because the director of the Palestine Office in Zagreb, Richard
Kohn, notified Szold that all the candidates were prewar refugees. (Szold was angered by the deception.)"
Joseph Indig escorted the 30 children who did not receive certificates to Italy, and from there, to Switzerland.




    1. Freier, Rach