Rosenzweig, Jozef

Birth Name Rosenzweig, Jozef
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage   Warszawa Warsaw, województwo Mazowieckie, Polska Jozef Rosenzweig married Stefa Poznanski

Occupation   Warszawa Warsaw, województwo Mazowieckie, Polska Jozef Rosenzweig was a successful lawyer

Camp   Getto Warszawskie, Warszawa, województwo Mazowieckie, Polska Jozef Rosenzweig and his family had to move into the Ghetto

Event Note

When Stefa and Jozef Rosenzweig realized their situation in the Warsaw Ghetto, they entrusted their son, Shmuel, to Stefa's former nanny, Maria Walewska, who had moved to a remote village in Skierniewice, where Shmuel, who had blond hair and blue eyes, spoke fluent Polish, became Wiesiu, Maria's nephew.
Navot Eliraz cites: "Maria was the heroine in the story of my father’s rescue during the Holocaust. Without her inventiveness, devotion and readiness to endanger herself, the rescue could not have taken place. Moreover, against the background of the village’s pastoral peacefulness and under her protection, my father was almost totally isolated from what was taking place in the outside world with only some rumors reaching them by way of the peasants in the vicinity. The world around was practically non-existent for him and he had no information about his parents' fate. Maria did not speak of them, and he did not ask. He thus fitted in with the villagers among whom he lived."
Shmuel-Ludwik-Wiesiu remained in Skierniewice, under Maria Walewska’s care for the rest of the war years.

Death     Jozef Rosenzweig was murdered in the Holocaust



Married Wife Poznanski, Stefa bat Shmuel
  1. אלירז Rosenzweig Eliraz, Shmuel Ludwik ben Yosef (Jozef)


    1. Rosenzweig, Jozef
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