Reich, Erich Arieh

Birth Name Reich, Erich Arieh
Call Name Erich
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1935 Wien Vienna, Österreich  

Transport August, 1939    

Event Note

In 1938, Erich Reich was one of the children of 5,000 families deported to Poland.

Event Note

Eriich Reich never saw his parents again, they perished in Auschwitz.

Event Note

Erich Reich was initially placed with a foster family in Dorking, and was later moved to a Jewish school in North London.

Aliyah 1948   Erich Reich, aged 13 years, left England

Membership 2008 Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR), Stanmore, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom Erich Reich served as chairman of the Kindertransport group

Marriage     Erich Reich married Linda Haase

Honor 2010   Erich Reich was knighted for his charitable contributions in the 2010 New Year Honours



    1. Reich, Erich Arieh