Sanitt, Mark

Birth Name Sanitt, Mark
Gender male


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Military Service 1935 הבריגדה היהודית Jewish Brigade The Jewish Brigade was part of the British Eighth Army

Event Note

Israel Carmi served in Special Interrogation Group or Special Identification Group (SIG), a sub-group of D Squadron 1st Special Service Regiment.


Event Note

Israel Carmi created the Tilhas Tizig Gesheften (TTG) from the Arabic tilhas tizi and Yiddish gesheften, forming the Hebrew slang for "kiss my ass business, Brigade, while acting as a senior representative of the Haganah.
He engaged in vengeance operations against those responsible for the Shoah, executing Germans, Austrians, and Italians, who were identified as having been active members of the SS or having assisted in the deportation or extermination of Jews.

Event Note

The Jewish Brigade engaged in rescue activities, passing through roadblocks, military checkpoints, and international borders, with large groups Jews in their care.
They were also involved, using false TTG paperwork, in the acquisition of small arms and military equipment for the Haganah in Palestine.

Event Note

Ken Sanitt, an artillery sergeant who served for 4 years in north Africa, Mesopotamia and at Monte Cassino, transferred into the Jewish Brigade,

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