Konfino Confino, Baruch

Birth Name Konfino Confino, Baruch
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Baruch Konfinfo married Dora

Boat 1939 Рудничар רודניצ'ר Rudniçer ‎Rudnicar  

Event Note

In 1939, Baruch Konfino and his wife, Dora, acquired of 400 ton Rudnichar.

Event Note

Baruch Konfino selected Anton Prudkin, an experienced navigator with adventurous life, the only Bulgarian captain able to sail the Bosphorus and Dardanelles without a pilot, as Captain of Rudnichar.
Naiden Naidenov, Chief of the port of Varna, issued a fake certificate to Captain Anton Prudkin.

Boat   דראגה Libertad Libertat Dragaa Dragah  

Boat   סלבדור Tzar Krum Tsar Krum Salvador  

Event Note

Baruch Konfino acquired Salvador, an antiquated, rotten wooden ship.

Boat   סטרומה Kafireus Καφηρεύς Espiros Есперос Macedonia Makedoniya Македония Strymon Струма Struma  

Event Note

Baruch Konfino acquired Struma, and adapted her for passenger transport.



Unknown Partner
  1. Konfino Confino, Itzhak


    1. Konfino Confino, Baruch
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