Wilbuszewicz Wilbushewitch, Manya Mania

Birth Name Wilbuszewicz Wilbushewitch, Manya Mania
Birth Name וילבושביץ, מניה
Married Name שוחט, מניה
Call Name Manya
Call Name מניה
Call Name מניה
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1880    

Event Note

Manya Wilbuszewicz grew up in Łosośna Ласосна.

Event Note

Manya Wilbuszewicz's grandfather served as an officer in Napoleon's army when he invaded to Russia in 1812; his family name was Ville-Bois.

Aliyah 1907   Manya Wilbuszewicz went to Palestine several times, before settling there

Event Note

In January, 1904, Manya Wilbuszewicz went to Palestine with her brother, Nachum, founder of the Shemen soap factory, to accompany him on a research expedition.
In late 1882, her brother, Isaac Wilbuszewicz, left for Palestine, and joined the Bilu movement, and her brother, Gedaliah, went there in 1892,

Marriage     Israel Shochat married Manya Wilbuszewicz

Transport 1919 Bursa, Bursa ili, Marmara bölgesi, Türkiye When World War I began, the Ottoman Turkish authorities exiled Mania and Israel Shochat



Married Husband שוחט Shochat Shohat, Israel
  1. שוחט Shochat, Gideon 'Geda' ben Israel



    1. Wilbuszewicz Wilbushewitch, Manya Mania
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