O'Donnell Nicolai Nicoli, Robert

Birth Name O'Donnell Nicolai Nicoli, Robert
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth     Robert O'Donnell Nicolai came from Midlothian, Illinois

Military Service   United States Army, Department of Defence DoD Robert O'Donnell Nicolai served in the US 101st Airborne Division, 'Screaming Eagles', during the Second World War

Military Service   מח"ל מתנדבי חוץ לארץ ‎Machal Volunteers from Abroad  

Boat   בן הכט SS Abril INS Maoz (K-24) Argosy USS Cytherea Citra SS Ben Hecht Robert O'Donnell Nicolai age 24 years, served as AB

Event Note

Robert O'Donnell Nicolai cites "The refugees covered every inch of space. Sleeping quarters were any place they could find that was long enough to lie down on ... there was very little complaining. You can't help admiring people like that. They wanted water, and couldn't get it; they wanted the sunny side of the deck, couldn't get that because it was jammed. There were many professional men in the party: doctors, dentists, engineers. In Europe all they had to look forward to was digging ditches or building roads. In Palestine, they were going to begin life all over again."

Camp   כלא עכו Akko Prison, עכו, הצפון, ישראל Robert O'Donnell Nicolai was interned by the British



Source References

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    1. O'Donnell Nicolai Nicoli, Robert