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Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Edit     Wolfshaut, Khaim Chaim Wolfshaut, Paula 'Paulina'
Feiga 'Feigl'     Wolfshaut, Shimshon
Hans 1913 February 24, 1942   Wolfshaut, Khaim Chaim Wolfshaut, Paula 'Paulina'
Khaim Chaim 1875   Wolfshaut, Paula 'Paulina' Wolfshaut, Shimshon
Leib Leon     Wolfshaut, Shimshon
Lupu 1800     Wolfshaut, Moshe Moishe
Moshe Moishe    
Paula 'Paulina'   Wolfshaut, Khaim Chaim  
Shimon     Wolfshaut, Shimshon
Shimshon 1830   Wolfshaut, Moshe Moishe
Shlomo Solomon     Wolfshaut, Shimshon