Gruenbaum, Eliyahu

Birth Name Gruenbaum, Eliyahu
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Camp   Buchenwald Konzentrationslager, Ettersberg, Weimar, Thüringen, Deutschland  

Membership June, 1945   Kibbutz Buchenwald was founded by survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp with help from United States Army chaplain, Rabbi Herschel Schacter

Event Note

On June 3, 1945, with help from Rabbi Herschel Schacter, who helped requisition the farm in Eggendorf, the first sixteen members of kibbutz Buchenwald took possession.

Event Note

In July, 1945, kibbutz Buchenwald moved to Geringshof, the site of a Jewish agricultural school, founded in 1923, that managed to stay open until 1941.

Event Note

In March, 1946, many members of kibbutz Buchenwald immigrated to Palestine on Tel Hai תל חי.
They first settled on kibbutz Afikim, but split off to found kibbutz Netzer Sereni.
In 1949, the last members of kibbutz Buchenwald made aliyah.

Event Note

Arthur Poznansky, Yechezkel Tydor, Eliyahu Gruenbaum and three Gottlieb brothers, while in Buchenwald Concentration Camp, developed the idea of creating a post-war socialist Zionist collective, which became kibbutz Buchenwald.



    1. Gruenbaum, Eliyahu