Kahn Cohen, Michael 'Mikrish'

Birth Name Kahn Cohen, Michael 'Mikrish'
Call Name 'Mikrish'
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1929    

Aliyah     Michael Cohen Kahn left Germany

Military Service 1946 פלמ"ח פלוגות מחץ Palmach, הגנה  

Event Note

Michael Cohen Kahn served in the 3rd Battalion, in B Company and in the Gidonim גדעונים, wireless radio operators..

Military Service     Michael Cohen Kahn served as Gidoni גדעוני, wireless radio operator on board Haapalah ships



Father Kahn Cohen, Alfred


  1. Kahn Cohen, Alfred
    1. Kahn Cohen, Michael 'Mikrish'