Farbstein, Zanne

Birth Name Farbstein, Zanne
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1926 Bardejov, okres Bardejov, Šariš, Prešovský kraj, Slovensko  

Transport March, 1942 Auschwitz Konzentrationslager, Oświęcim, powiat Oświęcimski, województwo Małopolskie, Polska  

Event Note

In March, 1942, all girls of Bardejov, aged up to 25, were ordered to gather in a school.
Zanne Farbstein and her two sisters, Edith and Sarah, were escorted by their father, who gave each of them a corona coin as a good-luck amulet.
They joined a thousand other girls on the first transport to Auschwitz.

Event Note

After several months, Zanne Farbstein and her sisters, Edith and Sarah, were sent to the newly built Birkenau camp, where they endured hard labor, hunger and disease.
Zanne survived the selektions because of her Aryan looks, and managed to obtain the “desirable” jobs of sorting confiscated clothes and other possessions.

Event Note

Edith Farbstein, sick and exhausted, suggested exchanging her good shoes for Zanne’s threadbare shoes, and after that, Zanne and Sarah never saw Edith again.

Transport January 18, 1945   Auschwitz was evacuated, and the prisoners were force marched to Gleiwitz

Event Note

On January 18, 1945, the women prisoners at Auschwitz concentration camp were sent on a death march to Germany.
Zanne Farbstein had to support Sarah through the snow and rain.
When the German guards abandoned the prisoners in a small town, the two sisters continued on to the American Zone, where they found soldiers from the Jewish Brigade.

Event Note

Norbert Wollheim was was put on a forced march to Gleiwitz.

Event Note

Of the 6,000 prisoners who began the forced march from Monowitz, only 2,000 remained alive when the train arrived in Berlin, on January 31, 1945.

Event Note

On January 25, 1945, the prisoners who left Auschwitz on January 18, 1945, on the Death March, arrived in Mauthausen.

Boat 1949   Zanne Farbstein and her extended family immigrated with the help of the JDC



Zanne Farbstein's Story: Surviving the Holocaust


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