Altbeker, Rina bat Yosef (Josef)

Birth Name Altbeker, Rina bat Yosef (Josef)
Married Name Singer, Rina
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth January 9, 1930 Warszawa Warsaw, województwo Mazowieckie, Polska  

Camp   Getto Warszawskie, Warszawa, województwo Mazowieckie, Polska  

Event Note

Josef Altbeker, his wife Ada, and daughter, Rina, spent two years in the Warsaw Ghetto, until they were smuggled to the Aryan side using false papers.
They survived by pawning their jewelry and other valuables for money and food.

Aliyah 1945    



Father Altbeker, Josef
Mother , Ada


  1. Altbeker, Josef
    1. , Ada
      1. Altbeker, Rina bat Yosef (Josef)