Cunningham, Alan Gordon GCMG, KCB, DSO, MC

Birth Name Cunningham, Alan Gordon GCMG, KCB, DSO, MC
Call Name Alan
Gender male
Age at Death 95 years, 8 months, 29 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth May 1, 1887 Dublin, Ireland  

Military Service 1906 British Army, Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence MoD Alan Cunningham took a commission

Event Note

During World War I, Alan Cunningham served with the Royal Horse Artillery,
In 1915, he was awarded a Military Cross
In 1918, he was awarded the DSO.
For two years after the war he served in the Straits Settlements.

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In 1937, Alan Cunningham became the Commander Royal Artillery of the 1st Infantry Division.

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In 1938, Alan Cunningham was promoted to Major-General, and Commander of the 5th Anti-Aircraft Division.

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On October 30, 1945, Major-General Alan Cunningham was promoted to General, and returned to the Middle East as High Commissioner of Palestine., succeeding Viscount Gort.
General Alan Cunningham served as High Commissioner of Palestine from 1945 to 1948, when the British mandate in Palestine expired.
After ten days as High Commissioner of Palestine, he reported that:
"a very high percentage of the Jews in thid country, perhaps as many as 50%, are definitely desirous of offensive armed action against fighting may yet be averted...more likely by influencing world opinion rather than by anything we can do here..."

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Palestine Story: General Sir Alan Cunningham, inspecting guard-of-honour of Palestine Police, at Haifa airport

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Palestine Under Arms: British guard of honour present arms at Haifa quayside, to Sir Alan Cunningham (aka Palestine Defies Solution)

Event Note

On December 28, 1946, Alan Cunningham called in David Ben-Gurion to assess the Jewish Agency's attitude to the wave of violence.
David Ben-Gurion dissociated the Jewish Agency from the incidents, but opined that it would not be able to cooperate with the British in apprehending the dissidents.

Military Action January 31, 1947 Operation Polly The British authorized Operation Polly, the evacuation of non-essential personnel from Palestine

Event Note

Their evacuation was be under the direction of the Brigadier i/c Administration, Brigadier James Newton Rodney Moore,
On February 1, 1947, he told his staff about the need for delicacy, understanding and sympathetic handling in their dealing with the evacuees, and his determination that the evacuation should be a “good show”.

Boat May 15, 1948 HMS Euryalus (42), Royal Navy HMS Euryalus sailed from Haifa to England

Event Note

On May 14, 1948, General Sir Allan Cunningham, High Commissioner of Palestine, arrived in Haifa, to declare the termination of the British Mandate.
He inspected a combined Guard of Honour of the King's Company, Grenadier Guards and 40 Commando, Royal Marines.

Place Note

On May 15, 1948, HMS Euryalus was responsible for the evacuation of the British High Commissioner, Lt. General Sir Alan Cunningham, from Haifa to England.
She was escorted out of Palestine waters by aircraft carrier, HMS Ocean, together with HMS Chevron, HMS Childers, HMS Volage, HMS Pelican and HMS Widemouth Bay.

Event Note

On May 15, 1948, Captain C.C. Harvey served as Commander aboard HMS Euryalus, when she sailed from Haifa.

Event Note

On May 15, 1948, Harold G. J. Bayliffe served as Crew aboard HMS Euryalus, when she sailed from Haifa.

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Death January 30, 1983   Sir Alan Cunningham died at age 95 years



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