Klodman Alon, Chaya Haya

Birth Name Klodman Alon, Chaya Haya
Birth Name אלון, חיה
Married Name Kozlovsky, Chaya
Married Name קוזלובסקי, חיה
Birth Name Pulcsak, Elizabeth

    In 1947, in Praha, Chaya Alon was given the documents of a refugee girl named Elizabeth Pulcsak.

Call Name Chaya
Call Name חיה
Call Name Chaya
Call Name חיה
Call Name Elizabeth
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1928    

Education   Nachalat Yehuda School and Youth Village, ראשון לציו, המרכז, ישראל  

Military Service January 1, 1945 פלמ"ח פלוגות מחץ Palmach, הגנה  

Event Note

Haya Kozlovsky went for training to kibbutz Heftzibah קיבוץ חפציבה. where she worked for two weeks in a branch the kibbutz, and the next two weeks she studied and trained, practicing with weapons, hiking, and bivouacing; she climbed Har Gilboa הר הגלבוע, and took target range practice.

Event Note

In 1945, Haya Kozlovsky helped establish kibbutz Hukok קיבוץ חוּקוֹק.
She was transferred to the 9th Company, in the North.

Event Note

In 1945, Haya Kozlovsky joined the Gidoni גדעוני, and attended a top secret, 3 month, wireless radio operator course, at Shefayim שפיים, after which, she served as radio operator at kibbutz Ayelet haShachar קיבוץ איילת השחר, at the headquarters of I Company, under Moshe Kelman and Oded Messer.
At the same time, she served as communications person of the Haganah in the Northern region, under Michael Schechter and his adjutant, Tzvi Tzur.

Event Note

Haya Kozlovsky served as Gidoni גדעוני, wireless radio operator for the Naval Company at Hadera, and for the Palmach Council in Tel Aviv.

Military Action June 16, 1946 ליל הגשרים Night of the Bridges מבצע מרכולת Operation Markolet, מלחמת העצמאות (1948) Operation Markolet מבצע מרכולת, Night of the Bridges ליל הגשרים

Event Note

Yisrael Zack cites: "Our group was allowed to take part in the “Night of the Bridges” and we blew up the Sheikh Hussein Bridge over the Jordan, east of Maoz Chaim."

Event Note

On the Night of th Bridges ליל הגשרים, Amnon Yonah served as Commander of the Palmach פלמ"ח squad that blew up the railway bridge over the Yarmuk River נהר הירמוך.

Event Note

Chaya Kozlovsky served as radio operator at Ramot Naftali רמות נפתלי

Event Note

Dan Lener served as an operations Commander during the Night of the Bridges ליל הגשרים.

Military Service   פלי“ם Palyam פלוגת הים‎, פלמ”ח, הגנה Chaya Kozlovsky served as Gidonit, radio operator

Event Note

Haya Kozlovsky met with Yigal Alon, who told hee she would serve one on of the Haapalah boats.
She went to the Solel Boneh Building in Haifa, where she met her shipmates, who were to go onto Exodus 1947 as stevedores, while she, as a nurse, but the British did not allow them onto the ship.

Event Note

In November, 1947, Haya Kozlovsky was sent alone, on a British passport, to Prague.

Event Note

Haya Kozlovsky was sent to Paris, then to Roma, from where she was assigned to the Haapalah boats.

Marriage     Efraim 'Fema' Kozlovsky married Chaya Alon

Military Service November, 1947 מוסד לעלייה ב' Mossad leAliyah Bet Chaya Kozlovsky was sent to Italy

Event Note

In November, 1947, Chaya Alon was sent to Praha, and from there, travelled to Italy., where she worked as Gidonit גדעונית, wireless radio operator, at stations in Avieta, near Milano, Roma and Paris.

Boat May, 1948 לא תפחידונו Maria Cristina Tua Karago Yardena We will not be Afraid LoTafchidunu Lo Tafchidunu לא תפחידונו sailed from Civitavecchia

Event Note

In May, 1948, Chaya Kozlovsky was sent to serve as Gidonit גדעונית, wireless radio operator, aboard Lo Tafchidunu לא תפחידונו.
Chaya Kozlovsky cites: Lo Tafchidunu לא תפחידונו "sailed with Olim for the second time. The loading was carried out at one of the small bays in the Marseilles area and we took on about 500 passengers."
"The trip lasted for 12 days and we reached Haifa during a break in the hostilities. We were received by soldiers of the UN and when I saw the Israeli soldiers in their stocking caps I was very exited. The Olim were sent to various camps in different parts of the country, and after a 48 hour break I was sent back to Italy."

Boat November 8, 1948 דרומית SS Kefalos Larranaga Mallard American Cardinal Dicto Pinzon Southerner Dromit SS Kafelos Dromit דרומית sailed sailed from Napoli for Bakar

Event Note

In November, 1948, Chaya Kozlovsky was sent as Gidonit גדעונית, wireless radio operator, aboard SS Kefalos Dromit דרומית.

Military Service 1948 צה"ל צבא הגנה לישראל TzaHaL IDF Israel Defense Forces Haya Kozlovsky served as a radio operator at the Center for Special Operations



Married Husband Kozlovsky, Efraim 'Fema'


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