De Philippe Defilipov, Edis bat David

Birth Name De Philippe Defilipov, Edis bat David
Birth Name Defilipov, Edis
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth May 21, 1912 New York, New York, United States of America  

Occupation     Edis De Philippe began her career as a mezzo-soprano, and went on to perform as a coloratura soprano

Event Note

Multi-millionairess Doris Crasgi became Edis De Philippe’s patron, and arranged tours for her and paid for additional studies in the French repertoire with Metropolitan Opera conductor Wilfred Pelletier, and in Italian opera with La Scala’s maestro, Tullio Serafin.

Event Note

Edis De Philippe signed contracts with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to star in opera films, and for five years, she presented a Coca–Cola-sponsored program on Radio Mexico City, while also appearing at the Mexico International Opera.

Event Note

From 1947 to 1958, Edis De Philippe produced one thousand performances throughout Israel, renting the Habimah Theater in Tel Aviv for one day a week, and all the while using her own money to finance the operations.

Marriage 1935   Max Rabinoff married Edis De Philippe

Event Note

Edis De Philippe separated from Max Rabinoff.

Marriage August 5, 1950   Simcha Even-Zohar married Edis De Philippe

Event Note

Simcha Even-Zohar served as Edis De Philippe's administrative assistant, and took over most of the Israel National Opera האופרה הישראלית’s administration



Father ДФіліппов Defilipov, David
Mother Gerdstein, Sonia


Married Husband אבן-זוהר Even-Zohar, Simcha


  1. ДФіліппов Defilipov, David
    1. Gerdstein, Sonia
      1. De Philippe Defilipov, Edis bat David
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