Nichols, E.H.W. RN

Birth Name Nichols, E.H.W. RN
Gender male


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Military Service   Royal Navy RN, HM Armed Forces, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence MoD  

Boat   HMS Haydon (L75), Royal Navy HMS Haydon was deployed on the Palestine Blockade

Place Note

On October 20, 1945, the anti-immigration patrols of the Royal Navy were activated, when Senior Naval Officer (Afloat) (SNO(A)) Captain Heathcote DSO RN ordered Hunt-class destroyers HMS Haydon and HMS Stevenstone to sail from Haifa חיפה, and HMS Brissenden to sail from Beirut بيروت‎.

Event Note

Commander J. Mowlem, DSO RN, served as Commanding Officer aboard HMS Haydon.

Event Note

Lieutenant E.H.W. Nichols RN served as Engineer Officer aboard HMS Haydon.

Event Note

J.M. Rowland served aboard HMS Haydon.

Boat March 30, 1947 מולדת ‎San Philippo San Felipe Homeland Moledet Moledet מולדת San Philippo was boarded by aBritish salvage party

Event Note

HMS Haydon and HMS Charity closed on Moledet מולדת San Phillipe, when it was reported that water was entering the ship, which was listing 18 degrees; she later rolled to starboard, and listed 23 degrees.
Moledet מולדת San Phillipe was flooding through insecure lower-deck scuttles, and the salvage party, led by Lieutenant E.H.W. Nichols, transferred a 70 ton/hour diesel salvage pump, hoses to reduce the wate, closde the scuttles and kept passengers below deck.
The salvage party cleared the boiler and engine rooms of water, and HMS Charity and HMS Octavia came alongside to take on the passengers.
HMS Charity embarked 556 passengers and HMS Octavia embarked 265 passengers; HMS Octavia then transferred the passengers to HMS St. Bride's Bay, and then secured a tow to take Moledet מולדת San Phillipo to Haifa חיפה.

Event Note

Lieutenant E.H.W. Nichols led he salvage party on Moledet מולדת San Philippo.



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