Паёковіч פייקוביץ Paicovich, Yehoshuah Zvi

Birth Name Паёковіч פייקוביץ Paicovich, Yehoshuah Zvi [1a]
Birth Name Паёковіч
Birth Name פייקוביץ', יהושע‎ צבי

    Joshua יהושע יהושוע likely means YHWH's Gift, although it is often etymologized as related to the root for Salvation ישע, as Jehovah Rescues or Jehovah is Salvation.
    Joshua יהושע בן נון was one of the spies for Israel, Moses's assistant, and successor to the son of Amram
    * Jesus
    * Ἰησοῦς
    * Yeshua
    * Yoshiya
    * Yusha
    * Josh

    Tzvi צבי means Deer or Stag in Hebrew, and symbolizes courage and glory in war.
    More exactly, צבי refers to a Gazelle Gazella.
    Hirsch means Deer in German and Yiddish.
    * Cwi
    * Hersch
    * Hirsch
    * Hirsh
    * Tsvi
    * Zvi
    * Herschel
    * Tzvika
    * צביקה


Call Name יהושע‎ צבי
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Aliyah 1890   Yehoshua Zvi Paicovich decided to move to Palestine

Event Note

Yehoshua Zvi Paicovich was a follower of Hovovei Zion חובבי ציון, in addition, his sons, Shmuel and Reuven were conscription age in White Russia Белая Русь, so he decided to emigrate.

Boat     Yehoshua Zvi Paicovich and his family sailed from Odessa

Event Note

After they landed in Yafo יפו, Yehoshua Zvi Paicovich took his wife and two sons, age sixteen and seventeen years, to the vineyards of Rishon LeZion ראשון לציון, Rehovot רחובות and Ness Ziona נס ציונה.
Yehoshua Ossowetzky, former agent for Baron Edmond de Rothschild, invited them to the newly founded colony at Rosh Pinna ראש פנה‎‎.



Married Wife , Rachel
  1. Паёковіч Paicovich, Shmuel ben Yehoshua Zvi
  2. Паёковіч פייקוביץ Paicovich, Reuven ben Yehoshuah Zvi

Source References

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