Schweitzer, Recha bat Menashe (Manasse)

Birth Name Schweitzer, Recha bat Menashe (Manasse)
Married Name Freier, Recha
Birth Name פריאר, רחה
Call Name רחה
Gender female
Age at Death 91 years, 5 months, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 29, 1892 Nörden, landkreis Aurich, Niedersachsen, Deutschland  

Marriage 1919 Wrocław Breslau, województwo Dolnośląskie, Polska Rabbi Moshe Issachar Freier married Recha Schweitzer

Event Note

Moritz Moshe and Recha Freir moved to Eschwege, where he was already a Rabbi.

Event Note

In 1937, Shalhevet Freier left for England.
In 1938, Moritz Freier followed.
Their other sons. Recha and her husband, who had been separated for a long time, never again lived together.

Membership 1932 Jugend-Alijah Aliyat haNoar Recha Freier founded a rescue operation to bring Jewish youth to Palestine

Event Note

Recha Freier conceived Aliyat haNoar, stating:
"The utter senselessness of Jewish life in the Diaspora stood palpably before my eyes,"
She devotedher life to the rescue of Jewish children and arranging for their transport to Palestine.
Recha Freier traveled to publicize her idea and raise funds.
She also contacted Henrietta Szold, founder of Hadassah, and the labor movement in Palestine, and asked her to take over responsibility for the teenagers arriving in Palestine from Europe.
While Henrietta Szold refused to take part, having idea of the building danger to the Jews in Germany, and so thought it a pity to interfere with their education.
Henrietta Szold initially thought the plan was not feasible, but ultimately, she agreed to become the director of Aliyat haNoar's Jerusalem office and to coordinate accommodation for the young people in Palestine.

Event Note

In 1938, Recha Freier worked to release Polish Jews interned in concentration camps, using certificates from Die Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland, headed by Rabbi Leo Baeck.
The certificates commited the Jews who were released, would leave Germany within two weeks.
Recha Freier had taken, without permission, 100 permits, and added the names of a hundred prisoners, who were released and were transported to Palestine.
When Rabbi Leo Baeck learned that Recha Freier had taken the permits, he banned her from taking additional certificates, and banned her from Berlin Zionist Executive roles, including chairmanship of Aliyat haNoar.

Event Note

By 1939, Aliyat haNoar had saved 7,000 young people who immigrated to Palestine from Germany, absorbed working settlements

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Aliyah March, 1941   Recha Freier and her daughter, Ma'ayan, reached Palestine, viaIstanbul and Syria.

Event Note

In 1940, Recha Freier was betrayed by colleagues, and having been forewarned managed to flee Germany to Yugoslavia, taking her daughter, Ma'ayan, and another 40 teenagers to Palestine with her.
the children were housed with Yugoslavian Jewish families, when eighty certificates arrived, eighty children traveled to Palestine, while the remaining forty reached Switzerland, where they remained till the end of the war.

Event Note

Before immigrating to Palestine, Recha Freier helped smuggle an additional 90 Jewish children out of Yugoslavia.

Event Note

In 1943, Recha Freier, founded המפעל להכשרת ילדי ישראל, to provide education for children from poor families, children living in poor social conditions.

Event Note

Recha Freier and daughter, Ma'ayan, left Yugoslavia for Istanbul, and then proceeded to Syria..

Event Note

Recha Freier wanted to continue her work with Aliyat haNoar, but Henriette Szold told her that there was no position her anywhere within the organization in Palestine.

Honor 1981 ירושלים Jerusalem, הרי יהודה, ישראל Recha Freier was awarded the Israel Prize for her special contribution to society and the State of Israel

Event Note

In November, 1984, the City Council of Berlin-Charlottenburg affixed a commemorative plaque at the Jewish Community Center in Fasanen Strasse, honoring “Recha Freier, the Founder of Youth Aliya.”

Death April 2, 1984 ירושלים Jerusalem, הרי יהודה, ישראל  



Father Schweitzer, Maasse Menanshe Moritz
Mother Levy, Bertha


Married Husband Freier, Moshe Moritz Issachar
  1. Freier, Shalhevet ben Moshe (Moritz) Issachar
  2. Freier, Ammud ben Moshe (Moritz) Issachar
  3. Freier, Zerem ben Moshe (Moritz) Issachar
  4. Freier, Ma’ayan bat Moshe (Moritz) Issachar

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