Goldstaub, Eric

Birth Name Goldstaub, Eric
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth November 14, 1921 Wien Vienna, Österreich  

Education   Grinzing, Döbling, Wien, Österreich Eric Goldstaub attended Gymnasium Neulandschule Grinzing

Event Note

Eric Goldstaub was one a group of Viennese Jews rounded up by Austrian police and SA members and forced to scrub streets in the seventeenth and eighteen districts of Wien.

Event Note

Eric Goldstaub went to the Chinese Embassy, and was among the first Austrian Jews to receive Chinese visas.
He managed to get twenty visas for his immediate and extended family,

Event Note

On Kristallnacht, Eric Goldstaub was detained at his school by members of the SA until he was released, after producing his visas and ship tickets.

Boat Novemberr, 1938 Conte Bianca Eric Goldstaub and his family sailed to Shanghai

Event Note

On November 13, 1938, Eric Goldstaub and his entire family left together for Genova.

Event Note

In mid-December, 1938, Eric Goldstaub and hisfamily, along with several hundred Viennese Jewish refugees, arrived in Shanghai 上海.



Father Goldstaub, Adolf
Mother Fiedler, Camilla


  1. Goldstaub, Adolf
    1. Fiedler, Camilla
      1. Goldstaub, Eric