Theilhaber, Felix Aaron

Birth Name Theilhaber, Felix Aaron
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 4 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 5, 1884 Bamberg, Oberfranken, Bayern, Deutschland  

Occupation   Berlin, Metropolregion Berlin/Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Deutschland Felix Aaron Theilhaber was a physician

Event Note

Felix Aaron Theilhaber served with distinction as a doctor in the German Army during World War I.
In 1916, he wrote a book called Die Juden und der Weltkrieg (The Jews and the World War).
In 1918, he wrote Jüdische Flieger im Kriege (Jewish Flyers in the War) and revised it in 1924 as Jüdische Flieger im Weltkrieg (Jewish Flyers in the World War), in which he gave accounts of over one hundred Jewish soldiers who flew for Germany.

Marriage     Felix Aaron Theilhaber married Stefanie Czapinska


Event Note

In 1933, the Gestapo arrested Felix Aaron Theilhaber for the research he was doing in the field of reproductive science.
After his release, he moved to Palestine, where he prospered and remained engaged in various social and humanitarian causes.
He founded Kupat Cholim Maccabea Health Services, which survives to this day.

Death January 26, 1956 תל אביב Tel Aviv, תל אביב, גוש דן, שראל  



Father Theilhaber, Adolph


Married Wife Czapinska, Stefanie
  1. טלבר Theilhaber Talbar, Adin


  1. Theilhaber, Adolph
    1. Theilhaber, Felix Aaron
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