This site is dedicated to Shmuel 'Samek' Yanai שמואל 'סמק' ינאי 1925-2011, and the members of Palyam פלי"ם, Machal מח"ל, Bricha בריחה, Kindertransport and the Maapilim מעפילים who, despite the dangers of the voyages, the threat of physical harm and internment by the British, ran the gauntlet to Eretz Yisrael.

Facing the Locked Gate

Shmuel Katz שמואל כץ, one of Israel's most talented painters, and Tehila Ofer תהילה עופר, an author and journalist, were both Maapilim, "illegal" immigrants, who as youths, sailed on the Haapalah ship, Knesset Israel כנסת ישראל in November, 1946.

Knesset Israel כנסת ישראל came close to the coast of Palestine, but was intercepted by the British Palestine Patrol, a fleet of destroyers that prevented any "illegal" immigrants, escaping the horrors of the Holocaust, from finding shelter in the Jewish Homeland.

The British interned the Maapilim, or worse, sent them back to Europe; in the case of the captured Knesset Israel, the Maapilim were transported to detention camps on Cyprus.

The painter and the writer, Shmuel Katz שמואל כץ and Tehila Ofer תהילה עופר, have combined their talents, to create Facing the Locked Gate, a 143 page publication filled with wonderful illustrations.

You can read about the people and the story behind the writing, illustration and publication, of the book in an article published in the June, 2006, edition of the Yediot Aharonot ידיעות אחרונות magazine "7 Days" "7 ימים".

You can download an excerpt from the English book by Right-Clicking on the picture of the bookcover, and saving the linked .PDF file to your computer (NOTE: .PDF files require a .PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader).

The book, מול השער הנעול – האודיסיאה של מעפילי כנסת ישראל, ISBN 965-90834-0-8, published with the assistance of Yossi Harel יוסי הראל, commander of Knesset Israel כנסת ישראל, is presently available in Hebrew, but the English version may be acquired directly from the publisher.

The books can be ordered online directly from the publisher.

Visit the publisher's Webpages at: Ships at Sea, or Right-Click on the image of the bookcover, to download a an excerpt from the book, Facing the Locked Gate.

Our Only Refuge, Open the Gates! : Clandestine Immigration to Palestine 1938-1948

Our Only Refuge, Open the Gates! : Clandestine Immigration to Palestine 1938-1948 is a 38 page book, ISBN 965-90834-0-8, researched, written and published by Paul H. Silverstone, an internationally recognized naval authority known for his many books and articles on warships, wand speaker on this subject to meetings of genealogical societies and the American Veterans of Israel.

Paul H. Silverstone has also written and published a five volume series on U.S. warships: The U.S. Navy Warships Series

  • 1. The Sailing Navy 1775-1854
  • 2. Civil War Navies 1855-1883
  • 3. The New Navy 1883-1922
  • 4. The Navy of World War II 1922-1947
  • 5. The Navy of the Nuclear Age 1947-2007
  • All five volumes of The U.S. Navy Warships Series are available through the publisher, Routledge.


    Paul H. Silverstone

    330 West 58th Street

    New York, NY 10019

    Email: Paul Silverstone

    More Books about the Holocaust, Haapalah, Aliyah, Bricha, Jewish Brigade, and Survivors

    * A Safe Haven, Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel, written by Allis Radosh and Ronald Radosh, published by Harper, ISBN 13 9780060594633

    * Britain's Naval and Political Reaction to the Illegal Immigration of Jews to Palestine, 1945-1948, written by Fritz Liebreich, published by Routledge, ISBN 0714656372

    * Caught Up in the Times, Yohay Ben-Nun - a Portrait, written by Yohay Ben-Nun, published by Ministry of Defense Publishing House, 2005, ISBN-10 B000WCB1FE

    * Commander of the Exodus, written by Yoram Kaniuk, translated by Seymour Simckes, published by Grove Press, ISBN 080213808X

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    The research for the book was carried out under the auspices of the Ha'apala Project, founded in Memory of Shaul Avigur.

    * Dealing with Satan: Rezsö Kasztner's daring rescue mission, written by Ladislaus Löb, published by Jonathan Cape, 2008, ISBN 10 0224077929, ISBN 13 9780224077927, 338 pages

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    * From the Yarkon River to the Israeli Navy, written by Shmuel Tankus, published by Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House, Hebrew

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    * Running the Palestine Blockade: The Last Voyage of the Paducah, written by Rudolph Ward Patzert, published by Voyageur Press, ISBN-10 1557506795

    * Saving the Jews: amazing stories of men and women who defied the “final solution”, written by Mordecai Paldiel, published by Schreiber, 2000, ISBN 1887563555, 338 pages

    * The Brigade: and Epic Story of Vengeance, Salvation, and WW IIwritten by Howard Blum, published by Harper Perennial, 2002, 352 pages

    * The Jews' Secret Fleet: The Untold Story of North American Volunteers Who Smashed the British Blockade, written by Murray S. Greenfield and Joseph Hochstein, published by Gefen Publishing House Ltd., 3 edition, 1996, republished 2010, ISBN 10 9652290238, ISBN 13 978-9652290236, 210 pages;

    The book chronicled the deeds of the Secret Fleet of eleven ships and the 240 men who served upon them, detailling how the fleet was obtained, the Aliyah Bet movement as a whole, and the various trips taken by the ships, and the outcome of their attempts to circumvent the British blockade. It also included copies of letters, the front pages of newspapers, and pictures detailing the events mentioned in the text, along with an appendix, including the names of all 240 volunteers along with the name of the ship on which they served.

    * The Jews Were Expendable: Free World Diplomacy and the Holocaust, written by Monty Noam Penkower, published byWayne State University Press, ISBN 0814319521

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    * The 'Patria' affair, written by Meir Chazan, published by Historical Society of Israel, Jerusalem, 1935, 38 pages

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    * We only know men: the rescue of Jews in France during the Holocaust, written by Patrick Gerard Henry, published by Catholic University of America Press, 2007, ISBN 9780813214931, 192 pages