Caro, Eva

Birth Name Caro, Eva
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1928 Wrocław Breslau, województwo Dolnośląskie, Polska  

Education 1938 Berlin, Metropolregion Berlin/Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Deutschland Eva Caro lived in the Jewish children’s home in Schönhauser Allee, and attended the Jewish school in Augustastrasse

Event Note

When Eva Caro was twelve, she went into hiding in Berlin, before the children from the children’s home in Schönhauser Allee were all deported.
She dyed her hair blond and lived in hiding with several families,

Transport 1944 Auschwitz Konzentrationslager, Oświęcim, powiat Oświęcimski, województwo Małopolskie, Polska  

Event Note

After being caught trying to cross into Switzerland, Eva Caro was taken to the prison in Singen.

Event Note

Eva Caro was transfrred from one prison to another until she was finally transported to Auschwitz.
She was in the queue for the gas chambers at Auschwitz, when she was taken aside by a guard.

Event Note

Eva Caro was sent to an ammunition factory in Salzwedel, and survived there until the end of the war.



Father Caro
Mother Zamury
  1. Caro, Julius
  2. Caro, Judith


  1. Caro
    1. Zamury
      1. Caro, Julius
      2. Caro, Judith
      3. Caro, Eva