Chouraqui, Nathan André ben Yitzhak (Isaac)

Birth Name Chouraqui, Nathan André ben Yitzhak (Isaac)
Call Name André
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth August 11, 1917    

Education 1935   André Chouraqui studied Law and Rabbinical studies in Paris

Event Note

In 1948, André Chouraqui earned a Doctor of Law, from the Université de Paris.

Occupation 1942-1945 Maquis André Chouraqui was active in the French Resistance in Central France

Membership   Œuvre de secours aux enfants OSE  

Event Note

André Chouraqui replaced Madeleine Dreyfus, after her arrest, clandestinely bringing Jewish children to the Vivarais-Lignon plateau

Occupation 1947-1953   André Chouraqui served as Assistant Secretary General of l'Alliance Israélite Universelle

Event Note

From 1953 to 1982, André Chouraqui served as Permanent Delegate for the Alliance Israélite Universelle, under the presidency of René Cassin.





Event Note

From 1950 to 1956, André Chouraqui served as Vice President of the Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations (of UNICEF-UNAC), spokesman for French culture in Israel, and as an ambassador for Judaism.

Event Note

From 1959-1963, André Chouraqui served as advisor to Prime Minister David Ben Gurion on the integration in Israel of Jews from Muslim countries, and on inter-community relations.

Elected 1965   André Chouraqui was elected Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, under Mayor Teddy Kollek

Event Note

André Chouraqui was in charge of cultural affairs, international and interconfessional relations of the City of Jerusalem.
From 1969 to 1973, he served as Municipal Counsellor and President of the Commission of Culture And Foreign Relations of Jerusalem.



Father Chouraqui, Isaac
Mother Meyer, Meleha

Source References

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  1. Chouraqui, Isaac
    1. Meyer, Meleha
      1. Chouraqui, Nathan André ben Yitzhak (Isaac)