Taller, Samuel ben Yaacov (Jacob)

Birth Name Taller, Samuel ben Yaacov (Jacob)
Call Name Samule
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources

Marriage     Sam Taller married Bessie Cantor

Membership 1971 Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation OJCF, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Sam Taller was a Founder, and subsequently, served as one of the first Directors



Father Taller Tallifsky, Jacob
Mother , Ethyl
  1. Taller, Morton ben Yaacov (Jacob)
  2. Taller, Archie ben Yaacov (Jacob)
  3. Taller, Moses ben Yaacov (Jacob)
  4. Taller, Edith bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  5. Taller, Elizabeth bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  6. Taller, Fay bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  7. Taller, Ann bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  8. Taller, Eva bat Yaacov (Jacob)
  9. Taller, Norman ben Yaacov (Jacob)


  1. Taller Tallifsky, Jacob
    1. , Ethyl
      1. Taller, Samuel ben Yaacov (Jacob)
      2. Taller, Morton ben Yaacov (Jacob)
      3. Taller, Archie ben Yaacov (Jacob)
      4. Taller, Moses ben Yaacov (Jacob)
      5. Taller, Edith bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      6. Taller, Elizabeth bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      7. Taller, Fay bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      8. Taller, Ann bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      9. Taller, Eva bat Yaacov (Jacob)
      10. Taller, Norman ben Yaacov (Jacob)